What We Do

Simply put, we make stuff online work.

Our expertise falls into two areas... web development and e-learning development.

Web Development

We love to tackle challenging projects. We've built a smorgasbord of restaurant, small-business, e-commerce and politically-oriented web sites, but our expertise doesn't stop with those three genres. We can build something that works for you on a tight budget. We're known for it!

E-Learning Development

We develop e-learning content, training simulation e-courses, and manage learning management portals with seven years of experience under our belt. We have experience with Moodle, Torch LMS, Ziiva, TalentLMS, and Brightable on the LMS side, and Articulate, Captivate, Storyline, and related software on the e-learning and e-training development side. Save thousands by developing your own e-learning content rather than licensing sub-par content. Ask us about the benefits of managing your online and offline training through a web portal.

We manage, administer, developing e-learning content for nearly 11,000 public employees in the State of Nevada, which includes over 20 e-learning courses on topics ranging from sexual harassment to ladder safety, and also develop content for Texas Association of Public Schools. We converted an entire 400+ page user manual for AltaPoint Practice Management Software into a multi-chapter interactive online e-training simulation, as well as create certified medical practitioner training for integrated medicine for InteMedica.

Low Cost Solutions

A combination of low overhead, re-using code we developed for prior clients and re-using frameworks allows us to develop for you a fantastic online presence at the fraction of the cost of other agencies in town, while still matching the look and feel of your site to your brand.